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July - Music Schedule for July

July 17 - Brooks is letter B in Chris Gray's Alphabet City

July 10 - The Hole in the Wall is back in business as a live music venue

- Paul Minor happily reports the Hole in the Wall has once again opened its arms to live music

June 26th - Matt Allen, the new manager, is fired

June 19th- The Corcoran Article on the lack of music at the new Hole in the Wall

June 5th - 15th - 30th Anniversary Schedule

May 16 - The Hole in the Wall Reopens


July 12 - Page Two by Louis Black

June 30 - The Hole in the Wall Closes after 28 years

May 15th to June 15th Calendar: 30 Days in the Hole

March - Courtney Love makes an infamous stop at the Hole

February 2 - American People, Meat Purveyors

January - The Hole signs a six month lease, during which time they hope to secure a way for the bar to survive.


November - Knight Real Estate put the buildings and lot at 2538 Guadalupe (the Hole in the Wall and Aztec Printing) on the market for $972,000

October 6 - Austin Chronicle, Critics Picks - Smilingest Face Behind the Bar Waldo at the Hole in the Wall

October 5th - Review of the Wild Seeds, Wannabes and Rite Fliers Show

June 31st - Review of Slobberbone

March 18 - SXSW: The Last Temptation of Superego


November 5 - Doug Sahm Birthday Party

August 24 - James Hyland, The Danged

July 31st - Review of the Slobberbone show

March 19 - SXSW: Bee-Gees Hoot Night

March 17 - SXSW: Bastard Sons of Johnny Cash

March 14 - SXSW: Swollen Circus Hole in the Wall


November 18 - Doug Sahm dies at the Kochina Hotelin Taos, N.M. He was 58. Read Ken Lieck's account of that night at the Hole

September 4 - Blondie Hoot Night

June 18 - 20 - 26th Anniversary

February 1 - Blaze Foley Tribute on the 10th anniversary of his death

Review of Superego's "Oh Yes, My Friend" in Texas Monthly


Debbie takes over the bar from Doug.

July 7 - Daily Texan article covering Brooks on Celis

June 22, Monday - Things started turning wild during Mike McCoy's raw solo set, kicking off his relocation from Kansas City to Austin and precursing his reformation of Cher UK using local talent, and then Amberjack Rice took the stage for a performance that engaged the entire club, not to mention those standing on the street outside. An already wound-up crowd of regulars got increasingly rowdy as a former waitress at the club mounted the stage and forgot she wasn't at the Crazy Lady.

June 17 - 19 - 25th Anniversary

May - Fastball is on the Tonight Show, Miles tells the story of the time his guitar got stolen at the Hole

February 8 - Article on Blaze Foley Tribute


October 20th - Girls with Guitars: Nanci Griffith

September 18 - Daily Texan article on the Hole

"There are people that have been coming here since they were in college," Rombach said. "There are over 300 long-term customers that I know that come in here on a regular basis." Upon entering the bar one is met with the Hole's "Hall of Fame," a tribute to the regulars, past and present. "It's a work in progress," Rombach said. "The pictures on the walls weren't a conscious effort. A lot of this stuff has been brought to the bar from people's travels. Everything in our Elvis shrine was donated by regulars and workers."


Thurs. 20: Friends, Doenuts, Hyperfluff, The Instruments, Cattleguard, Festus
Fri. 21: Adults, Hamicks, Um Ting Tum
Sat. 22: Spoon, Pearly Gates, Billy Joe Winghead
Sun. 23: Unicorn Magic, Sheridans, Aaartfystte, Superego
Mon. 24: Colin Leyden, Andrew Duplantis, PG 13
Tues. 25: bo bud greene, Kaleb, Marvelann, Rick Broussard
Wed. 26: Handful, Hot Wheels Jr., The Onlys, Let's Get Big


Doug Cugini, owner and manager of Hole in the Wall Arcade and Restaurant on the Drag, said sufficient laws already exist to prevent underage drinking.

Thurs. 6: Dilli, Silver Scooter, Peter Lorre Quartet
Fri. 7: Hormones, Teen Cool, Bulemics
Sat. 8: Miss Galaxy, Hollywood Indians, Do It Now Foundation
Sun. 9: School, Trauma, Flashback, Dim, Wookie, Superego

Thurs. 13: The Dropouts, Lowdown Song, The Nortons
Fri. 14: Two Hoots and a Holler, Econoline
Sat. 15: Cling, Rex Daisy, Sunshine
Sun. 16: Silver Scooter, The Onlys, Based on a True Story, Superego
Mon. 17: Festus, Beaver Nelson, Pete "Wetdog" Gordon
Tues. 18: Jet Jaguar, Bedwetter, Viking Probe, Rick Broussard
Wed. 19: Bigfoot Chester, Texas Meat, Purveyors, Sincola, Kathy McCarty, Wannabes, Violet Crown, Gombi, Resonators, Handful

Thurs. 27: Beaver Nelson, Violet Crown, Pluto, The Nortons
Fri. 28: Hyperfluff, The Instruments, Dizzy Luna

January 1st - Townes Van Zandt dies.

Thurs. 23: Texas Philistines, The Onlys
Fri. 24: Sincola, Shindigs, The Instruments, Ursula Major
Sat. 25: Missle Command, Miss Galaxy, Handful
Sun. 26: Holidaze, Morningwood, Flametrick Subs, Superego
Mon. 27: Pete "Wetdog" Gordon
Tues. 28: Kegalmatic 2000, El Kabong, Ursula's Curse

Thurs. 30: Wilt, Sunshine, Wah Santo Condo


December 7 - Ramones Hoot Night benefiting Blue Santa


Daily Texan article on an upcoming show by Jeffery Evans


Daily Texan article on upcoming show at the Hole by Pork

Wed. 6: Superego, Loose Diamonds, The Gourds, Good, Damnations, Jesus Christ Superfly, Earthpig, Los Pinkys, Horse Wreck (benefits the SIMS Foundation to celebrate life)

Thurs. 10: Plum, Bongo Hate, Sheridans, Nortons
Fri. 11: Cotton Mater, Wannabes, Beaver Nelson, Damnations, Sleestacks
Sat. 12: Johnny Law, Sunshine
Sun. 13: Hot Wheels Jr., wilt, Superego, Argyles
Mon. 14: Seela, Pam Peltz, Andrew Duplantis, Pete "Wetdog" Gordon
Tues. 15: Marvelann, Spinning Jenny, Tree Stump Love, Rick Broussard
Wed. 16: Heterosexuals, D'Zyne, Psycivorc, Let's Get Big
Thurs. 17: 8 Track American, Peter Lorre Quartet, Violet Crown, The Nortons
Fri. 18: Stretford, Wheel Local 404
Sat. 19: Rick Broussard and the Shadowmen
Sun. 20: Pearly Gates, Do It Now, Smokin' Bozo, Middle Finger
Mon. 21: Texas Mavericks, Doug Sahm, Pete "Wetdog" Gordon
Tues. 22: Olive, Pearly Gates, Rick Broussard
Wed. 23: Jon Dee Graham, Michele Solberg, Let's Get Big
Thur. 24: Myra Manes, Assholes
Fri. 25: The Adults, Missle Command
Sat. 26: Beaver Nelson, Disciples Of Agriculture
Sun. 27: Earthpig, Shanky, Yankee, Superego
Mon. 28: Daniel Bull, Danny Phillips, Just Archie, Pete "Wetdog" Gordon
Tue. 29: Rick Broussard
Wed 30: Dropouts, Death Valley, Liar, The Nortons

September - Austin Chonicle Award for Best Weekly No-Cover Blowout to Paul Minor's Rock & Roll Free-for-All

Thu. 5: Sangre De Toro, Jaws Of Life, 10 Inch Maria, Javelin Boot
Fri. 6: Moist Fist, Living Pins, Pearly Gates
Sat. 7: Pork, Stretford, Dead End Cruisers
Sun. 8: Sixteen Delux, Charlie's Angels, Hammicks, Superego
Mon. 9: Renee Woodward, Michael Fracasso, Kathy Ziegler, Philip McCarthy, Pete "Wetdog" Gorgdon
Tue. 10: Fivehead, Mugwump, Atom Smashers, Rick Broussard
Wed. 11: the Real Dixons, the Poachers, Sirfinks, Let's Get Big
Thu. 12: Lowdown Son, Dropouts, the Nortons
Fri. 13: Cher UK, Cattle Guard, Texicali Jones
Sat. 14: Shoulders
Sun. 15: Wookie, El Flaco, Bigfoot, Chester, Superego, Spot
Mon. 16: Bunny Studenhausen, Pan Mayo, Taheera, King Cheese
Tue. 17: Blort, Rick Broussard
Wed. 18: Devils Devine, Playdoh Squad, Mata Hari, Let's Get Big
Thu. 19: the Nortons
Fri. 20: Death Valley, Pocket Fishermen, Shindigs
Sat. 21: the Instruments, the Damnations
Sun. 22: Dumptruck, Orange Mothers, Spinning Jenny, Superego
Mon. 23: PG-13, Mike Nicolai, Danny Philips, Jackson
Tue. 24: Wannabes, Handful, Rock Broussard
Wed. 25: Drums and Tuba, Polio, Sirus Rego, Let's Get Big
Thu. 26: Good, Each Others Legend
Fri. 27: Bigfoot Chester, Dropouts, Blind Willie's Johnson
Sat. 28: Rick Broussard and the Shadowmen, Long Done Daddy
Sun. 29: Booger 9000, Bedwetter, Junky, Southern Superego

Thur. 31: Dropouts, Liar, The Nortons

August - Elvis Costello's drummer, Peter Thomas, drops in to "guest drum" during a Big Foot Chester show. After a few songs, he is encourage to leave the stage and is told by Barb: "Hey, drummer boy! Go home!"


Thu. 2 Dick Tucker, Jesus Christ Superfly, Metamorphosis
Fri. 3 Pocket Fisherman, El Flaco, Only
Sat. 4 Wannabees, Stretford, Shindigs

11th - Uncle Walter Hyatt dies in a plane crash on Florida. Read Larry Monroe's Piece on Walter here


Thu. 4 Crust Night, Dick Tucker, BuzzCrusher, Blurt
Fri. 5 Pocket Fishermen, The Adults, Knievels
Sat. 6 The Tail Gators
Sun. 7 Slackhappy

Thu. 11 Breedlove, Hush
Fri. 12 Loose Diamond, Kevin Carroll and the Sleestacks (CD release)
Sat. 13 Cling, Sidehackers, Ty Cavn and the Midnight Gang
Sun. 14 Thirteen, Supergirl, Mark Hiaty

Thu. 25 Texas Instruments, Hyperfluff, Hot Wheels Jr.
Fri. 26 Javelin Boot, Cotton Mather
Sat. 27 Rick Broussard and the Shadowmen, The Grave Robbers


Thu. 7 Dick Tucker, Sweet Pea, Hamicks
Fri. 8 Fuckemos, Pocket Fishermen, Pig Poke
Sat. 9 Loose Diamonds, Dan Stuart, Lolita 18, Jo Carol Pierce

Thu. 14 Long Gone Daddy, The Shivers, Mumbleskinny, Stretford, The Horsies
Fri. 15 Vaudeville, Dayroom, Gentle Readers, The Fountains, The Vidalias
Sat. 16 The Sidehackers, Cotton Mather, Subsonics, Wannabes, Buick MacKane


Thu. 8 Loose Diamonds, Mike's Birthday Party, Damnations
Fri. 9 Rick Broussard and the Shadowmen, Thousand Dollar Car
Sat. 10 Death Valley, Flametrick Subs, Sir Finks

Thu. 22 Cactus Smack Conspiracy, Drums and Tuba, Kairos, Gilligan Stump
Fri. 23 Javelin Boot, Sunshine
Sat. 24 Sincola, Violet Crown


The Hole in the Wall Gang catches the thief who tried to steal Miles Zuniga's guitar


Thu. 7 Amberjack Rice, Bigfoot, Chester, Long Gone Daddy
Fri. 8 Buick Mackane, Bline Willie's Johnson, Pork
Sat. 9 Death Valley, The Real Dixons, The Paranoids
Sun. 10 Furry Things, 21st Century Blues, Swifty, Good
Mon. 11 Jimmy Smith, Drake Tungsten, Beaver Nelson
Tue. 12 Rocketfuel Sodapop, Good, Hot Wheels Jr.
Wed. 13 Prescott Curlywolf, Texas Instruments, Brown Hornet, Swineking, Gourds


Sat. 2 Javelin Boot, Wheel
Sun. 3 Kystch Sunshine, sisteRUNaked, Mata Hari
Mon. 4 Ken Lieck, Nashville Bill, John Sanchez, Andrew & Charlie
Tue. 5 Drums and Tuba, Wather Margin, Guitar Zero
Wed. 6 Hormones, Tallboy, Gomez, Wannabes, Paranoids, Satans, Miss Xanna Don't

Thu. 9 Busride, ST37, Cattleguard

Daily Texan article about the ST-37 show at the Hole

Fri. 10 Javelin Boot
Sat. 11 Earthpig, Michael Fracasso
Sun. 12 16 Deluxe, Wookie, Gretchen Phillips Experience, 8-track American
Mon. 13 Schwaggert
Tue. 14 Trucker, D-zyne
Wed. 15 Merchants of Venice, Ted Roddy and the Talltops

Thu. 16 Otis 13, Wannabes
Fri. 17 Sleeztacks, Terraplanes, Loose Diamonds
Sat. 18 Adults, Funland, Spoon
Sun. 19 Skanky Yankee, Drag Worm, Corn Stubble, Power Squid

Tue. 21 George Devore and Yankee Liars
Wed. 22 Evan John, Ban-lons


31 - Pocket Fish'rmen, Fuckemos, Myra Manes and Smell of Blood




June 17th and 18th - 20th Anniversary. Doug Sahm and Alejandro Escovedo. The line up included: Mark Mckinnon, Dave Scheidel, George Ensle, Doug Sahm and the Texas Mavericks, Rich Brotherton, Two Hoots and a Holler, Barbara K., LeRoi Brothers, Pork, Mike Hall and the Lollygaggers, Loose Diamonds and Shoulders.


September 25 - Daily Texas review of a Two Hoots & A Hollar show at the Hole

"The spontaneity of Two Hoots makes it seem like anything could happen at one of its shows. Like that time last year at the Hole in the Wall , when an admiring drunk climbed on stage and began to sing. Deciding to contribute more to the show, he reached for Broussard's guitar and tried to strum it. Broussard shoved the man off stage, threw off his guitar and yelled a warning to the stumbling drunk."

August - Don Henley surprises Mojo Nixon onstage to sing with him on "Don Henley Must Die".

April 17 - Daily Texan piece on an upcoming show at the Hole by the Atlantics


27 - Doorman Jorge Flores shot in the head, survives.

28 - Daily Texas piece on an upcomng show at the Hole by Shoulders


June 15 - 18th Anniversary

February 22 - Daily Texan piece on punks and the Hole by Trevor Wallace


Aug. 27th - Stevie Ray Vaughan dies in a helicopter crash in Wisconsin. Read an account of the incident.


February 1st - Blaze Foley shot and killed. He was 39. Read Larry Monroe's Tribute

- Another Article on Blaze

January 25 - Timbuk 3 plays the Hole billed as Fred and Wilma

- Blaze Foley open for Timbuk 3 at the Hole


August - Daily Texan story on Austin bar scene in 1988

July 2 - Review of a Mannish Boys Show at the Hole


First SxSW


Hole in the Wall starts charging cover for the first time in its history.

"On the indie scene, debuts from the True Believers, Wild Seeds and Timbuk-3 (the duo which had been packing the Hole In The Wall) - are released to positive reviews, even in big name mags like Rolling Stone. Wayward Texans like Steve Earle and Michelle Shocked burst upon the scene from seemingly out of nowhere. The gypsy-like Butthole Surfers returned to Texas, moving in to a rental house in North Austin." - From












Armadillo World Headquarters closes.








"January - Austin City Limits premieres on PBS stations across the country; debut show is a performance by Willie Nelson taped in 1974.: - From




June 15 - The Cuginis open Hole in the Wall Restaurant and Arcade - celebrates 1st anniversary. Debbie Rombach walks in on the first day.

"[The Cugini's] owned a couple of truck stops on what was then the outskirts of Austin, and the family opened the Hole in 1974 as a university equivalent, a burger joint for the truckers and deliverymen who frequented the area." - Don McCleese

An issue of Time Magazine for this period includes an article about the Austin music scene:

"What the Fillmores East and West were to the rock era, the Armadillo World Headquarters is to Austin's country-rock set. A cavernous old armory decorated with surrealistic murals of the burrowing, bony-plated mammal that now ranks second only to the longhorn in Texas esteem, the Armadillo is filled each night with a curious amalgam of teen-agers, aging hippie women in gingham, braless coeds, and booted goat topers swigging Pearl beer and swinging Stetsons in time to the music. Doug Sahm, a 32-year-old fugitive of San Francisco phychedelia, who sings there regularly, says that 'leaving Austin now is like climbing off a spaceship from a magic place." As he puts it in a song, the whole town is a groover's paradise." - From the Threadgill's Armadillo World Headquarter's History page








August 7 - Armadillo World Headquarters opens.

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