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Weekly Wire: October 20, 1997: Girls With Guitars by Christopher Hess

[...] A well-established local legend of the genre and someone who probably doesn't mind being referred to as a singer-songwriter is Nanci Griffith, born in nearby Seguine and an Austin resident from the age of one month. Griffith played in town either alone or as rhythm guitarist for other people from the time she was a teen until she moved to Nashville in the early Eighties. And from the release of There's a Light Beyond These Woods (1978) to this year's widely heralded Blue Roses From the Moons, she's enjoyed a growing national and global recognition that, given the sheer numbers of musical product marching forth from the city limits, few have been able to attain. To her mind, the fact that she's a woman doesn't really enter the equation.

"I've never paid much attention to the difference between male and female singer-songwriters," says Griffith. "We were all just making music and trying to make a living at playing and writing. I played every Sunday night at the Hole in the Wall for five years, from the time that it opened. Doug [Cugini, the owner] literally kept groceries on my table." [...]

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