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Austin Chronicle: Best of Austin 1992: Best Bathroom Graffiti

Hole in the WallGraffiti reading is an intensely personal pleasure, but the Hole in the Wall's renderings are as colorful as they are diverse, and must be read to believed. Highly recommended. (2528 Guadalupe, 472-5599)

Reviews from the Austin Citysearch Website

Ink from the Squid

We all need a "place where everyone knows your name"; But the glamour fell off the rose after Doug sold the "Hole". a owner adds their special attributes to a bar and the present owners onlt detract from whatr was once one of the best venues in Austin, if not, the USA.

Fond Memories

I'll never forget the night Emmy Lou Harris joined Rosie Flores on stage after taping an Austin City Limits segment. The audience members kept buying her shots of tequila and within an hour, two of her bandmembers, one under each arm, helped her back to the bus. That night the bottle let her down and showed that she's just a good old Austin gal at heart. A very fun evening indeed.

Great service!

Whenever I show up I can count on Brooks & Nora to handle whatever I throw at them for the night.

Brooks is there!

My brother, Brooks, has been there for ages! Whenever I visit Austin, I go to this bar to see him and drink beer, and listen to music. I like the atmosphere. And the location.


The Hole in the Wall is awesome! It's a great mix of all types of people and music, all of the time. The bartenders are great and the prices would be too if the glasses weren't itsy-bitsy.

Hope for the Hole

Wow, so the Hole may close! So sorry to hear. My husband was one of the first acts to play there. That's where we met! 25 years ago! There has always been an incredible stream of players through that club. Really hope it can be saved! Very fond memories!

Sad If It Is True

Hole in the Wall is legendary. The Sunday night shows are always guaranteed to have one or two highlights. Some of the best shows over the years (Fastball's early gigs) have been here. And that reality sandwich is additive. Let's hope someone comes to their senses and saves Hole in the Wall for the sake of all of us.

Live Music Capital -- No More!

The first warning sign was the closing of Liberty Lunch. No more warning signs, this could be it folks. If the community can't raise enough money to save the Hole in the Wall from closing soon, we may end up being a city that used to have a great live music scene. Lucy's will be next, and With Red Eyed Fly and Gaby & Mo's recently closing, it's just a matter of time. What to do?? Get off your couches and get out and support (what's left of) live music in Austin!!

And don't forget the burgers

A much over looked fact about the hole is the food. With the $2.00 burgers with fries on the weekends,you can have one with A beer and still pay less then your local fast food vaule meal, plus with A menu to fit everybuddies needs,check out the daily special,you'll be veary surprise.

Finding Family

The "Hole Family" is an entity homegrown by faithful regulars, friendly staff and many memorable musical moments from the likes of Nancy Griffith, Doug Sahm, Townes Van Zant, Timbuk 3, and The Nortons. Amidst one such moment you'll understand the origin of the Music Capitol of the World legend.

Benefit for Jorge Flores

There will be a benefit for Jorge Flores on Sunday, March 29, 1992 from 5 - 12 pm at Liberty Lunch. Bands scheduled to play are Cowboy Mouth, Kris McKay, Buick MacKane, Bad Livers, and Jimmy Lafave. In addition to the music, there will be an auction and a raffle. A $5.00 minimum contribution for Jorge's medical expenses will be appreciated. Jorge, a bartender at the Hole in the Wall was shot early Friday, February 27, while escorting a waitress to her car following the closing of the bar.


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