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Austin Chronicle, Recommended Events for the Week of September 3-9, 1999

Blondie Hoot Night Hole in the Wall, Saturday 4

"Blondie is a band," the posters used to say. Yeah, but who cares when your singer is as hot and charismatic as Debbie Harry? Still, this classic punk/New Wave band churned out enough hits and near-hits in the late-Seventies/earlyEighties to spin themselves into the stratosphere of rock stars, which is all the reason needed to celebrate them. The Hole's Blondie Hoot Night benefits the SIMS Foundation, with locals such as the Shindigs, Wannabes, Robbie Jacks 8 Boy Trouble, Dismukes, Raunchy Reckless, Leprechaun, Media Kreeps, Uncool Hand Band, Stinky Del Negro, and the Harries all taking the stage. Don't forget the ripped T-shirt and miniskirt for the Debbie Harry lookalike contest (guys, that means you, too) with prizes for the best and bravest. Wouldn't you like to rip her to shreds? - Margaret Moser

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