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Austin Chronicle: TCB by Christopher Grey

March 14, 2003: Back in the Hole

We knew it was only a matter of time until things turned around, and now they have. A group of investors has signed contracts and plans to reopen the Hole in the Wall in May, says J.D. Torian , who will handle booking for the reborn club. The Drag-bound live music landmark, which closed last June due to held-over boomtown rents, had been an Austin institution for almost 30 years, home to everyone from Nanci Griffith 's first gigs to one of Doug Sahm 's last SXSW appearances. An announcement is expected to coincide with Paul Minor 's "Hole in the Wall Gang" tribute tonight at the Austin Music Awards; Torian said he hopes to bring back the Rock & Roll Free for All and provide a venue for newer bands. "We're open to suggestions," he said.

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