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30th Anniversay Schedule

Thursday, June 5:

7PM The Nortons

TX happy hour lounge legends sporting pork pie hats and vests pay homage to Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Roy Orbison and many more 50s rock and blues era favorites.

Friday, June 6:

7pm Horse Wreck

A twilight tribute to outlaw country featuring the songs of Willie Nelson, Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Loretta Lynn and more.

9 pm Minor Productions Headquarters Birthday party for Becky and Courtney

Sunday, June 8:

9pm Matt Hubbard

Virtuoso boogie woogie pianist with a swinging baritone vocal style, country western heartbreak ballads and infectious rhythms.

10pm Moonlight Towers

Indie alternative rockers with melodic pop songs, sharp hooks, and wild guitars.

11pm Superego

Hosts of the legendary Rock and Roll Free For All at the Hole since 1994. Pop rock originals, Garage Rock classics and FM radio favorites.

Monday, June 9:

9 pm Mike Nicolai

Poetic, rambling solo songwriter in the 60s bohemian style of early Dylan and Neil Young.

10pm Orange Mothers

Alien implants with space ray guitars and carnival keyboards singing about marshmallow girls, lovebirds and psychadelic rocket ships.

11pm Damnations

Scorched angel harmonies with gospel piano, hillbilly banjo and twangy telecaster guitar.

Tuesday, June 10:

9pm Adam Bork

Wildly inventive solo guitarist/songwriter (formerly known as Earthpig) with vintage style multimedia presentation.

11pm Li'l Cap'n Travis

Lo-fi country rockers with passionate songs about growing up in the sticks, drinking Lone Star beer and other lonely malts.

Wednesday, June 11:

10pm Ted Roddy

Texas Music Hall of Famer and Austin's own king of rockabilly, the tearjoint troubador himselvis is in thebuilding.

11pm Texas Mavericks

Texas roadhouse legends Alvin Crow, Speedy Sparks, John X. Reed, Mike Buck and special guest Shandon Sahm playing border radio classics.

Thursday, June 12:

10pm Heybale

Piano legend Earl Poole Ball has played with Johnny Cash, the Byrds, countless country western road warriors and Austin's hardest working roots country sidemen.

12pm Golden Arm Trio

This off the wall jazz quartet plays rocked-out avant garde art music, where tin pan alley meets three penny opera.

Friday, June 13:

10pm Scott Biram

Blues-hollerin' , foot-stomping, head-on, death-defying solo daredevil.

11pm Daniel Johnston

Alternative rock songwriter legend, his songs of joy and pain have influenced everyone from Nirvana to the Washington ballet.

Saturday, June 14:

10pm Wannabes

Garage rock indie pop punks influenced by 3Rs: Ramones/Replacements/REM, circa early 80s alternative college radio.

12pm Pocket Fish'rmen

Metal glam gods of over-the-top, heavy-duty science fiction XXX retro monster rock, KISS goes out smokin' at a Black Sabbath.

Sunday, June 15:

Two Hoots and a Holler 9pm

Texas roots-rock roadhouse favorites with a dash of bayou country cajun flavor and early punk influences.

11pm Rock and Roll Free For All

A Sunday night tradition continues. A magic musical night of surprise guests, spontaneous jams and anything-goes fun. http://

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